A Variety of Solutions

Solution for character check

OCR/OCV: Can be selected for each character.

OCR feature: Character recognition with excellent robust performance

OCV feature: Versatility to meet special fonts or symbols

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Solution for foreign substance inspection

Easily detects black components or foreign substances on the pattern by 3D+2D combined determination.

Automatically masks the area unnecessary for foreign substance inspection.

A large view of 69 x 69 mm enables foreign substance inspection over a sufficient area even at normal inspection setting.

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Solution for warped PCB: Automatic backup mechanism

Linked with the automatic width adjustment mechanism to support both ends of the PCB at the center. *Factory set option

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Solution for flow soldering

Can be used for inspection in downstream processes, in addition to SMT lines.

Slice height of the solder is displayed as red, yellow, green, and blue in order from the lowest.

When the condition is correct, it is displayed as a clear contour line.

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M2M solution

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