Detailed Customization is Possible to Meet Users’ Needs

We have provided a large volume of customized equipment in addition to standard equipment.

  • Image alignment

Aligns the pad and lead of the transfer device to correct the position of the package, and applies pressure to the socket. *The alignment option is exclusively for 1DUT.

  • Low impact change kit

Pressure control and change kit structure reduce the impact load when applying pressure to the device. *This can help prevent cracks occurring in thin package devices.

  • High load pressure unit

Load up to 35 kg can be handled by replacing the standard load pressure motor (max. 10 kg) with the optional high load pressure unit. Applicable to multi-pin QFP, BGA, etc. Consult us for other specifications.

  • Device rotary mechanism

Rotates the device in the tray set direction (90°, 180°, and 270°) to set it to the socket. Installed on the loader side or unloader side. *Exclusively for 1DUT

  • Manipulator (cart)

We design and fabricate a special manipulator (cart) for various test heads. Docking this to the handler body achieves stable operation. We suggest user friendly functions.

  • High temperature measurement

Option for sorting devices to be used under high temperature, such as in-vehicle device. Handling is easy as a preheater is used for heating, instead of a chamber. After heating with a preheater, measurement is possible while the temperature is maintained by the collet with heater.

Image alignment
Low impact change kit
High load pressure unit
Device rotary mechanism
Manipulator (cart)
High temperature measurement

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