Reliable Detection of Any Defect

2D and 3D simultaneous imaging

Accurate measurement of solder paste shape

Cross-section areaCross-section area at rising section of solder paste3D
Protrusion areaPresence and size of print horn3D
VolumeAmount of solder paste3D
Average heightAmount of solder paste / cross-section area3D
Printing deviationPrinting gravity center3D
Bottom areaDetermining soldering condition2D
BridgingDetermining bridging (including prior detection)2D

2D images provide the reliability as records similar to photos.

Detects defects that may occur below the 3D reference plane by implementing 2D inspection simultaneously

Stably detects any printing defects

  • Detects any bridging defect below the 3D reference plane
  • Detects “potential” bridging
  • Detects spilled solder

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Foreign substance inspection

2D inspection uses illuminance information and 3D inspection uses height information to detect foreign substance.

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