Product Information

Reliability is required for PCBs due to the expansion of electronic control applications, such as in the automobile industry. Inspection equipment has been introduced to production processes accordingly to ensure stable control quality.
In 1987, the FA Inspection Equipment Division developed high-accuracy inspection equipment for PCBs that used a laser for the first time in the world. Moreover, we have readily introduced leading edge technologies such as X-ray and image processing, and released a variety of inspection equipment to meet all processes in mounting lines.

Product category:SPI(Solder Paste Inspection System)AOI(Automated Optical Inspection System)AXI(Automated X-ray Inspection System)IC Handler

Solder Paste Inspection System (SPI)

The Solder Paste Inspection System (SPI) uses the laser optical cutting method. In addition to high repeatability and being less susceptible to ambient conditions, the SPI detects any defects in the 3D+2D inspection without dead angle, providing fast and reliable inspection results.

Automated Optical Inspection System (AOI)

Extensive expertise accumulated in response to customization requests is further enhanced and reflected in the latest AOI model to solve inspection challenges in the mounting process with an industry-leading level of accuracy.

Automated X-ray Inspection System(AXI)

The system provides sophisicated auto-inspection capability based on the superior accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility to fulfill the highest level of inspection requirement. Our system has been widely adopted in the field of semiconductor application as well as in the field of SMT mounting process.

IC Handler

The IC hander fully incorporates our expertise acquired through requirements from semiconductor manufacturers over the years. Highly regarded for low impact and noise, and user-friendliness. Provides reliable handling in the final inspection process of semiconductor production lines, utilizing high positional accuracy cultivated in the development of visual inspection equipment.