Advantages of Introducing Nagoya

Next-generation X-ray Automated Inspection System

NXI-3510 covers 3D CT, oblique and 2D inspection. NXI-3510 supports C4 bump, LTH and BGA/CSP auto inspection. Also supports large size work loading up to 510mm x 370mm. NXI-3500IM is perfectly suitable for BGA/CSP and power device auto inspection. Provides superior quality assurance level even in fewer void environment.

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Throughput Highly Enhanced

  • CT capturing time reduced to less than 1/3 comparing with our conventional model NLX-5000
  • Inspection speed highly enhanced by high-speed FPD & newly developed machinery technology
  • Image capturing time requires only <8 sec/FOV at 16 projections

*Amount of projection & resolution may change depending on the state of inspection target

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Imaging Quality Further Improved

  • Machine accuracy highly improved by high stiffness frame and liner scale
  • Proprietary image processing technology & high-sensitive FPD provides clear image
  • These unique features work to obtain high-quality CT image and to improve automated inspection precision

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Full Coverage Capturing Mechanism – Vertical, Oblique and CT

  • Captures at any angles from 0 to 60 degrees, providing best capturing condition
  • Single detector covers vertical angle, oblique angle and CT capturing, achieving high cost performance
  • Max. 0.33 μm high resolution capturing available

*Resolution changes depending on the angle at oblique and CT capturing

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Specifications – NXI-3510