NXI-3510 / NXI-3500IM

3D X-ray Inspection System

Next-Gen High Throughput & High Resolution

3D CT X-ray Automated Inspection System

Main specifications

ModelNXI-3510 NXI-3500IM
Inspectable board size Dimensions:Max. W510 x L370mm
*W515 x L610mm when carbon plate jig
is used.
Thickness:Max. 3mm
Weight:Max. 2kg
Dimensions : Max. W350 x L350mm
Thickness : Max. 3mm 
Weight : Max. 1.5kg
Board top/bottom clearanceTop:50mm, Bottom:1.5mm Top : 50mm, Bottom : 2.5mm
Insprction item 2D : Component inspection
and solder bump inspection
using transmission image
3D : Solder bump (BGA & C4) inspection
and planting-filled TH inspection
using CT image
← same as the left
X-ray sourceOpen tube micro focus
Tube voltage : 20-160kV
Tube current : 0-200µA
Max resolution : 1µm
← same as the left
DetectorSensor Type : 3M pixels ← same as the left
Oblique capturing angle0 – 60° ← same as the left
Geometric magnificationMax. 900 times← same as the left
Image magnification ratioVertival capturing : Max. x225
60°Oblique angle capturing : Max. x112
Vertival capturing : Max. x150
60°Oblique angle capturing : Max. x75
Image resolution Vertival capturing : Max. 0.33µm
60°Oblique angle capturing : Max. 0.67µm
Vertival capturing : Max. 0.5µm
60°Oblique angle capturing : Max. 1.0µm
X-ray leakage dose 0.5μSV/h or less← same as the left
External dimensionsW1,680mm × D1,990mm × H1,940mm W1,760mm × D2,060mm × H2,000mm
Weight3,700kg 4,300kg
Power supply voltageThree-phase AC200-240V, 3kVA ← same as the left

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