FIBER-System.Ⅱ SPC-OneⅡ / SPC-FieldⅡ


SPC-OneⅡ / SPC-FieldⅡ


This is the system to find out root cause by specifying changing points of the SMT line by linking test results to the both data of screen printer and chip mounter. Contributing to consistently managing, starting from printing to chip placement, total SMT line process.

What’s the change point?
At printing process: Solder, Squeegee, Stencil and Backup support jig
At mounting process: Head, Nozzle, Feeder and Surface-mounted components


Test result and other detailed information per PCB basis will be shown on the screen enabling visualized check.

Substrate Matrix Analysis

Visualized check for printed solder state on board basis is available. *Available only with SPC-OneⅡ software.


Production status can be remote checked from the office.
*A progress degree can also be checked by SPC FieldⅡ.

Total Line Management

Daily, weekly and monthly check for operation status is available per each product.

Variability Analysis

Monitoring and distribution check for chip placement status are available on equipment, component and defect basis.
*Option: Only by SPC-FieldⅡ SW

Remote Judgement

Remote judgment is available even at the distant place from the production site.

Recommended Specifications for Hardware (External PC)

PC to install SPC-OneⅡ / FieldⅡ Server and Client is recommended to meet following specifications.

■ Personal Computer

SPC-OneⅡ / FieldⅡ Server

OSWindows7 Ultimate 64bit
CPUMore than Xeon 2.8GHz class (Over 4core and conform to Hyper-Threading) is recommended.
MemoryMore than 12GB
HDDMore than 1TB
*Depending on both the size of stored data and the storage period.
OthersExternal HDD is recommended to be prepared separately for the storage of captured images.
When the server is used also as Client, please prepare video card corresponding to after OpenGL 2.2.

*Standard specifications for PC is equivalent to that for BPC-SX2.

SPC-OneⅡ / FieldⅡ Client

OSWindows7 Ultimate 64bit
CPUMore than Intel Core i5 2.0GHz class is recommended
MemoryMore than 8GB

■ Object Equipment

SPC-OneⅡ / FieldⅡ Server is corresponding to the following inspection system.

■ Specifications for Connections

Number of maximum connections: 20sets
Connecting interface: LAN (transmission speed: 1Gbps or more)
Protocol: TCP / IP

■ Resolution of Display Monitor
1,920 × 1,080[dot]or more

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