Automated Optical Inspection System

High-end Inline Solder Joint Inspection System

Main Specifications

Board sizeM: L80 x W50mm – L330xW250mm
L: L80 x W50mm – L530xW460mm *1
Board thicknessM: 0.5 – 2.0mm
L: 0.5 – 6.0mm
Board weightM: Max. 2.0Kg
L: Max. 4.5kg
Board clearanceM: Top: 30mm / Bottom: 30mm
L: Top: 30mm / Bottom: 50mm *2
Board clamping edgeFront: 3.0mm / Rear: 3.0mm
Non-ispectable areaFront: 5.0mm / Rear: 5.0mm
Line height900±30mm
Transfer directionRight to left, or left to right
Board std. positionFront, or rear
Component packagePAD, CHIP, SOT, SMC, SOP, QFP, SOJ, PLCC, IMD
Inspection coverageSoldering quality: open, non-wetting, bridging
SMD: part skew, missing, polarity, wrong direction, rotation, lead skew
IMD: cold solder, no lead, non-wetting, blow hole
Special inspection: OCR, contamination(solder ball)
Supply air pressure0.35 – 0.45MPa
Power voltageSingle phase AC200 / 208 / 220 / 230 / 240V
50 / 60Hz
Power consumption1.5kVA or less
Environmental req.10 – 35℃ 35 – 80%RH (non-condensing)
FootprintM: W1,070 x D1,405 x H1,300mm *3
L: W1,220 x D1,605 x H1,350mm
WeightM: Approx. 900kg
L: Approx. 900kg

*1 Min. W80 x 100mm applied when optical backup unit selected.

*2 Including board warpage. Bottom: 30mm applied when optical backup unit selected.

*3 Excluding handle, monitor and signal tower.

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