Provides Excellent Usability Based on Space Saving & Silent Mechanism

The NVI-D100 is the standard desktop AOI with excellent usability based on space saving & silent mechanism. Accurately highlights the fillet surface features by the inspection head equivalent to the inline model.

High Precision Inspection Performance Removing Operator’s Skill and Experiences

Equips industry-leading levels of precise pass/fail discriminant algorithm “Advanced Discriminant Analysis”. Its statistical approach based on multivariate analysis eliminates human factors such as skills and experiences. Also equips useful applications “OK Judge” and “Easy Set-Up” to support vertical production startup.

Advanced Discriminant Analysis

  • Statistical approach to generate accurate and consistent inspection program.
  • Hard-to-detect defectives including lead floating and chip floating can be accurately detected.
  • Accumulation of inspection results further improves the inspection accuracy.
  • Necessary Materials: Non-defective PCB Samples・Defective PCB Samples

OK Judge

  • The system uses registered Non-defective PCB samples only to generate inspection program.
  • Defective PCB samples are not required. Ideal for vertical startup or abbreviated inspection.
  • Unknown defectives can be detected based on the criteria that everything but judged pass is all fail.
  • Necessary Materials: Non-defective PCB samples only

Easy Set-Up

  • The Easy Set-Up provides step-by-step operating guidance to support generating inspection program.
  • Numerical input/configuration including component physical type and mounting location is not required. Ideal for vertical startup or abbreviated inspection.
  • The OK Judge generates data required for both fillet and component inspections.
  • Necessary Materials:
    CAD Data・Non-defective PCBA samples ・Bare Board or Gerber Data

Inspection algorithm substantially improved


New pre-image-processing feature added to OCR function (patent pending). Character detection rate improves up to 180% compared to our conventional system by applying luminance conversion process & filtering process to the captured image.

Contamination Inspection

The contamination inspection setting function is now available as a standard feature to easily detect contaminations such as unintended solder balls happened on a board. This new contamination inspection setting function simply requires you to configure the inspection window by simple drag and drop operation and specify the size of target only.

Easy Operation

Offers simple PCB loading mechanism and easy-to-understand graphical user interface. Easy operation with single-hand loading capability and upper surface reference reduces operators’ burden.

Scalable Data Linkage System

You can use local NVI-D100 as an offline programming system for the distant NVI-FXHⅢ. This scalable data linkage system will help you to smoothly introduce the inspection system into your globally-spread factories.

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