Standard AOI Combining Excellent Usability & High-speed Capability

With its improved high-speed capability, NVI-FXHⅢ is ideal for the customers manufacturing wide variety of products in small quantity.

High Precision Inspection Performance Removing Operator’s Skill and Experiences

Equips industry-leading levels of precise pass/fail discriminant algorithm “Advanced Discriminant Analysis”. Its statistical approach based on multivariate analysis eliminates human factors such as skills and experiences. Also equips useful applications “OK Judge” and “Easy Set-Up” to support vertical production startup.

Advanced Discriminant Analysis

  • Statistical approach to generate accurate and consistent inspection program.
  • Hard-to-detect defectives including lead floating and chip floating can be accurately detected.
  • Accumulation of inspection results further improves the inspection accuracy.
  • Necessary Materials: Non-defective PCB Samples ・Defective PCB Samples

OK Judge

  • The system uses registered Non-defective PCB samples only to generate inspection program.
  • Defective PCB samples are not required. Ideal for vertical startup or abbreviated inspection.
  • Unknown defectives can be detected based on the criteria that everything but judged pass is all fail.
  • Necessary Materials: Non-defective PCB samples only

Easy Set-Up

  • The Easy Set-Up provides step-by-step operating guidance to support generating inspection program.
  • Numerical input/configuration including component physical type and mounting location is not required. Ideal for vertical startup or abbreviated inspection.
  • The OK Judge generates data required for both fillet and component inspections.
  • Necessary Materials: CAD Data・Non-defective PCBA samples・Bare Board or Gerber Data

Inspection Algorithm Substantially Improved


New pre-image-processing feature added to OCR function (patent pending). Character detection rate improves up to 180% compared to our conventional system by applying luminance conversion process & filtering process to the captured image.

Contamination Inspection

The contamination inspection setting function is now available as a standard feature to easily detect contaminations such as unintended solder balls happened on a board. This new contamination inspection setting function simply requires you to configure the inspection window by simple drag and drop operation and specify the size of target only.

Fine-tuned Robust Hardware for Maximized Throughput

Fine-tuned hardware improves throughput up to 35% compared to our standard model (NVI-FX). Furthermore, up to 7 sub image processing units are connectable to flexibly follow to the entire line takt time.

Scalable Data Linkage System

You can use local NVI-D100*as an offline programming system for the distant NVI-FXHⅢ. This scalable data linkage system will help you to smoothly introduce the inspection system into your globally-spread factories. (*Option)

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