3D Solder Paste Inspection System

Laser 2D & 3D parallel inspection can detect defects happened below the reference plane. Newly developed hi-rate camera, episcopic lighting illuminating & recipro-scanning technology greatly improve the Processing Capability & Imaging Capability at the same time so that the performance significantly enhances comparing with our conventional model. Moreover, SPC software to control change point “FIBER-System.Ⅱ” can maintain and manage the most suitable high-quality line.

3D Dual Laser with Tolerance of Environmental Luminance Change

  • Optical Cutting: Precise Measurement & Highest Reproducibility

Processing Capability & Imaging Quality: Significantly Improved

  • Newly-developed hi-speed camera & recipro-scanning technology greatly enhances the Processing Capability & Imaging Capability at the same time.

  • Inspection Cycle Time Simulation

  • 3D Measurement Quality – Finer

  • 2D Imaging Quality – No Mirror Reflection

  • 2D Imaging Quality – Clear Contrast

Full Coverage: Dual Laser 3D+2D

  • 2D detects defects happened below 3D measurement reference plane, so Nagoya’s SPI is the only one to detect all types of solder printing defect.

  • Detects any types of bridging defect.

  • Provides visually-understandable images by 2D full color images in addition to 3D texture images.

  • Accurately measures the shape of solder printing.

  • Exactly recreates continuous profile by dual laser.

Improves Repeatability

  • Both maximum & average repeatability significantly improved.

Warpage Tolerance & Robustness

  • Follows up to +/-5mm warpage.

  • Flexible-PCB inspection improved.

Real-time Printing Tendency Control

  • Printing tendency can be visually observed at any time. Knowing the tendency helps you to determine the action to be taken prior to the defect actually happens.


Board size50 x 50 – 510 x 460mm (standard)
Board thickness0.3 – 4.0mm
Fixed conveyorRear or front (Factory setting)
Convey directionFrom left to right, right to left (Factory setting)
Conveyor height900 +/- 25mm
Inspection itemInsufficient, Smearing, Centroid shift, Bridge
Volume, Sectional area, Projection are, Average height, Peak height, Balance, Foreign material
Min. adjacent distance0.08mm Adjacent printing height: 50µm or less
Min. inspectable parts0.15mm pitch CSP, 0402 chip (mm unit system)
Inspection speedStandard 7,000m㎡/sec
Camera resolutionStandard & high-speed: 18μm pixel / high precision: 9μm pixel
*Switch by software
Lights2D: 2-staged whole circumference RGB lighting / 3D: Twin laser optical cutting
Inspection programAuto-conversion from gerber data
Power supplyAC100V+/-10% 1.5kVA single-phase (50 / 60Hz)
Air supply0.4 – 0.5Mpa 10NI / min
DimensionsW1,100 x D1,200 x H1,550mm (excluding signal tower)
WeightApprox. 400kg
Options1. L=750mm support (2 division Inspection support)  
2. 1D & 2D Code support (high precision is paid option)
3. Statistical Analysis Software (SPC, paid option)
4. Offline Software (paid option)
  • December 2018 Specifications
    Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.

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