High Speed X-ray Inspection System

Our unique technology detects voids occurred at any positions. Oblique capturing mechanism enables inspection at overlapped portions. Enhances quality assurance level with various peripheral systems.

Advanced Auto-inspection

The NXI-2000-A precisely detects voids in solder bumps, including bridging and missing (BGA/CSP). Equips auto-inspection function based on the inspection program (recipe).

Void Auto-inspection

Inspection Items

  • Gravity center luminance/ Average luminance / Luminance variability ratio / Area
  • Void / Foreign matter / Missing / Bridging / Position misalignment
  • Roundness / Cross sectional area ratio / Feret diameter ratio

In addition, we will respond to inspections according to your request. Please contact us for details.

Void Detection Algorithm

Using our proprietary void detection algorithm, The NXI-2000-A estimates the normal solder form from the captured image, and subtracts bump elements from the estimated normal solder form to detect bumps. This process removes the effect of brightness change derived from the change in the form of solder connection, and voids happened at any positions can be precisely detected.

Analysis Aid Tools

You can variously observe the target object with several analysis functions by utilizing the clear fluoroscopic images.

2D Profile

Fluoroscopic Images Analysis

Measurement / Wire flow rate measurement / 1D ・ 2D profile Drawing / etc.

Thickness Measurement (Option)

Equips a calibration plate containing thickness-brightness information. By using the calibration plate, the system converts brightness information obtained from the detector to thickness information. As a result of this conversion process, the system can accurately measure thickness, volume and area of solder bump.

Oblique Capturing Mechanism

Whole range of board can be observed even when the mechanism tilted at 60 degrees.

Oblique View
Vertical View

Data Control System

The NXI-2000-A allows automatic inspection results to be controlled on a server to carry out a series of follow-up checks, such as feedback of quality information to previous processes.

  • Reading of ID Information including QR Codes and Bar Codes
  • Centralized Sever Control
  • Visual Checking Tool

Inline Model – NXI-2DYIMH

NXI-2DYIMH is the inline transmission X-ray inspection system with our unique void detecting algorithm to perform fast and automatic inspection to detect tiny voids in the BGA, CSP, resin and die-cast aluminium.

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NXI-3510 / NXI-3500IM