Revolutionary High Performance X-ray Inspection System

Up to 600mm x 610mm size work can be placed as-is. NXI-3720 provides 3μm void inspection with accuracy assurance at 80 sec/FOV. Best for micro-fabricated LTH, TSV, microVIA & C4 bump imspection.

World’s Highest Performance

Ultra High Resolution

The NXI-3720 adopts a nanofocus X-ray source (minimum resolution: 0.25μm) and a high sensitive image intensifier detector (as an oblique detector, special resolution: 0.25 – 2.5μm) to obtain ultra high resolution X-ray images. It exerts the greatest power on ultrastructure analysis.

Ultra High Repeatability

The NXI-3720 adopts robust structure based on casting iron to enhance the stiffness to the highest level. In addition, every drive members adopt linear motor to achieve the highest positioning accuracy even at the high speed motion. Furthermore, the system adopts air suspension to suppress external oscillation. Through adopting these finest mechanical structure, the system can perform stable repeatability at the highest level.

Large-scale Workpiece Loadable

Large scale multilayer board and sheet-like workpiece up to W600 x L610 (mm) size can be loaded without trimming them out thanks to the oblique X-ray CT mechanism and a large scale inspection stage. In addition, the NXI-3720 equips a vacuum absorption table on the inspection stage to hold 100μm thin sheet-like workpiece in a plane without damage.

Precise & Stable Auto-Inspection

The NXI-3720 uses three dimensional information obtained from the oblique detector to perform automated inspection on ultra-fine through hole at the highest precision ever. Our proprietary software offers” automatic calibration function”, “advanced measurement logic” and “XYZ misalignment offset function” to achieve outstanding precision and stability.

CT Imaging Examples

3D images renderer using Volume Graphics VGStudio

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